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IV Sedation

If your dental anxiety won’t normally allow you to complete dental treatment at all, IV sedation may be the solution. IV sedation dentistry is administered intravenously, or through a vein. With IV sedation, you will remain conscious during your procedure, and you will be able to understand and respond normally. However, IV sedation produces an amnesic effect where you will experience either full or partial memory loss of your dental treatment the next day. During the procedure you will be fully aware of what’s going on, but you will feel detached and completely calm. The steady influx of sedatives will give you a peaceful feeling which will allow you to ignore the actual procedure. Throughout your sedation, we will closely monitor your pulse and oxygen levels and any effects the drug may be having on your system. Every precaution is taken to ensure that your dental appointment is both painless and effective. You will also need to make transportation arrangements if you choose this method of sedation.

46 Tuscan Way, Suite 306 , St. Augustine, FL 32092 USA
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